Red Cardinal Memorial Ornament


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Always near… Tradition claims that cardinals are divine messengers, and sighting a cardinal is a sign that a loved one is nearby. While all may not believe in that tradition, you can still smile when you see a cardinal & possibly even take it as a sign that God is working to heal your heart. As it graces your tree, let this lovely acrylic red bird assure you of the presence of special someone is Always Near…

Adorned Ribbon for Hanging — Measures 5 x 5 x 3.25

Cardinal Messenger
“When Cardinals
appear, you will
know that I am
Though we may
be a part, you need
to know that you are
always in my heart.
The Cardinals
presence is
reassurance that
your loved one is
always with you
when you need
them… all that
you need to do is
look for them.”